Netapp Cluster Mode Commands

Some Netapp Clustered Mode cli commands are very different from Data OnTap 7 mode. I’ve started a list of some examples of cli commands here that I think are useful. I will continue to add to the list as time goes on.

# security login role config modify

cluster::>security login role config modify -vserver "your vserver name" -role vsadmin -username-minlength 5 -username alphanum disabled -passwd-minlength 14 -passwd-alphanum enabled -passwd-min-special-chars 1 -passwd-expiry-time 180 -require-initial-passwd-update enable -max-failed-login-attempts 3 -lockout-duration 1 -disallowed-reuse 6 -change-delay 0
#service-processer network configuration

cluster::>system node service-processer network modify -node "your_node_name" -address-type IPv4 -enable true -ip-address -netmask -gateway
#show real time traffic on a lif

cluster::>statistics show-periodic -object lif -instance vservername:lifname
#Watch the progress of a job

cluster::>job show #note the job ID of the job you would like to monitor
cluster::>job watch-progress -id 123
#Update service processor firmware

cluster::>system node image get -package -replace package true
cluster::>system node service-processer image update-node * -update-type full -package
#disk/shelf firmware update

cluster::>storage firmware download -node * -package-type all -package-url
#update DataOntap"

cluster::>system image show
cluster::>system image get -node
cluster::>system image update -node * -package 821_q_image.tgz
cluster::>system image modify -image image2 -node * -isdefault true
cluster::>system image show
cluster::>storage failover show
cluster::>storage failover takover -ofnode YourOtherNodeNameHere #(not the one you are on...)
Then do the other one...
#create vserver peer to copy 7 mode volume to cluster mode:

cluster::>vserver peer transition create -local-vserver "yourLocalvServerName" -src-filer-name "7mode filer name or ip"
cluster::>snapmirror create -source-path -destination-path vservername:newvolname -type TDP
cluster::>snapmirror initialize -destination-path vservername:newvolname

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